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Get your own personalcrippled-america-donald-trump
of Donald J. Trump’s book

How to make America Great Again

by filling out the form below with your MAXIMUM BID


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  1. I support 100% Trump and what he stands for! The middle class needs a president who defends what we stand for without a doubt!

    Thank you,

  2. TRUMP has demonstrated that he is the right choice….the people’s choice ….and will win.
    It’s time for the GOP to get behind their candidate. The longer we wait the weaker the party leaders appear.

    1. John, you are correct. The GOP needs to fully endorse and help Donald Trump. It’s okay for him to raise money for the GOP but not enough to get behind him? We need to stand united, it’s the only way to win. Is their pride so great they would rather have Hillary?

  3. Donald Trump would be downgrading his life to become our president there is no doubt in my mind that he is doing this for the love of the country something that many of us have lost over the years of depressing economic hardship he has the mindset and business acumen to turn around our country he is a leader and a champion and I want that for our president and for our country

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