Action Alert: March 6th Public Hearing on Electronic Tolls

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If you don’t want CT to become the most tolled state in America…

And if you don’t like the idea of a “CT Mileage Tax”…

Then please read on:

There is a public hearing on Wednesday on two bills proposed by CT Democrats that would allow the state to impose tolls.

Bill 7280
The language in Bill 7280 says that a tolling proposal submitted by the CT Department of Transportation will be deemed approved if the General Assembly does not hold a vote within 15 days. YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE TO VOTE.

What can you do?

Bill 7202
Bill 7202 would allow the CT DOT to put tolls on Routes 84, 91, 95, and 15. Tolls would NOT just be on the borders. And tolls would be on ALL vehicles.
What can you do?

IF YOU ATTEND IN PERSON ON WEDNESDAY, toll opponents will be wearing RED.

There are other ways to fund transportation WITHOUT Tolls or New Taxes
Republicans have offered plans to fund transportation without the need for tolls or new taxes. To learn more about our proposal “Prioritize Progress” visit