Thank You

Dear supporter,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Connecticut Republican Party.

This is a special and important time to be a Republican in Connecticut.  We have the unique opportunity to turn around decades of Democrat one-party rule and elect Republican candidates to offices across our state.

Did you know?  The state party is the main Get Out The Vote machine for Republican candidates all along the ballot.  All of our candidates are going to need a unified and mobilized state party that is ready to go long before election day if we are going to win this year.

That is how important your continued support is to the success of our candidates.

There is so much work left to be done.  Please commit yourself to continue supporting our cause in the following ways:

  • REGISTER to VOTE on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020

If we unite behind our candidates and work harder than the opposition, I’m confident we will declare Republican Victory this fall.

Thank you again for your continued support to Connecticut Republicans.


jr romano signature final
J.R. Romano
State Party Chairman

P.S.  We always welcome your comments and questions.  Please feel free to send me a note directly.