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CTDems Propose Banning Open Carry, Less Punishment for Illegal Firearms

Dems Take Stands Against Public Safety and Second Amendment


Connecticut Democrats have proposed banning the open carry of legal firearms. While not an unusual position of far-left Democrats, the public hearing on a bill proposing tougher penalties for illegal firearm offenders brought out even more interesting developments; Senator Gary Winfield (New Haven D-10) the powerful Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, insisted that those individuals who are on parole or pretrial release should not suffer any additional penalties for carrying an illegal firearm. Senator Winfield asked “What person on the streets of Hartford who’s spending time out there,or who was in a neighborhood, who used to spend time out there, doesn’t have an illegal firearm”. He claims that these people who “are in the neighborhood”, who are on parole, who have been convicted of crimes, need an illegal firearm for their protection.


“What is incredulous about these statements” said Republican State Chairman Ben Proto, “is that Senator Winfield and his Democrat colleagues think that criminals should be able to carry illegal firearms for their protection, but law abiding citizens,who hold legal permits and who own legal firearms should not enjoy the same right to protect themselves from the very people who have illegal firearms. Almost 60% of all shootings in the city of Hartford in 2022 were committed by individuals on parole or pretrial release, Waterbury is 70%” continued Proto. “The Democrats who live under the gold dome in Hartford, have clearly lost touch with the realities of Connecticut”.


“The second amendment is very clear; the people have a right to carry firearms in a law-abiding capacity.  The fact that we have Democrats who want to go easier on criminals charged with carrying illegal weapons while taking away the right to carry for law-abiding citizens is offensive, not only to every legal gun owner in Connecticut, but to every law-abiding citizen.” said CTGOP Chairman Proto.

“We have very restrictive gun laws already in Connecticut, laws that we are failing to enforce. We can’t even get Democrats to agree on tougher penalties for those convicted on illegal weapons charges while on parole and meanwhile Democrats let convicted murderers out of jail and back onto the streets.  It’s time to get back to common-sense. We can’t let the Democrats simultaneously erode public safety and our constitutional rights all in the name of progressive ideology>  Speak out and protect your rights- and the public’s safety.” concluded Proto.


NOTE: Voters can voice opposition to these proposals to House Democrats at 860-240-8585 or by emailing Speaker Matthew Ritter directly at [email protected] & to Senate Democrats at 860-240-8600 or emailing [email protected].gov.