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CTGOP AD ALERT: In Joe Biden’s America, Connecticut Can’t Afford Ned Lamont

Today, the Connecticut Republican Party launched a new advertisement exposing Governor Lamont’s mishandling of Connecticut’s economy.

“While Ned Lamont likes to say he’s cut taxes, he hasn’t cut a single tax. In fact, he’s raised all kinds of taxes, nearly two billion a year in new taxes. Ned is a phony,” said Chairman Proto, “and we’re calling him out on it.”

In a scorching end, the ad closes by saying: “Democrats and Ned Lamont just don’t care about the economic pain they are causing. In Joe Biden’s America, Connecticut can’t afford New Lamont.”

“Voters should take note, New Tax Ned is not their friend and Connecticut can’t afford him in office any longer,” Chairman Proto concluded.

Watch CTGOP’s “Connecticut Can’t Afford Ned Lamont” Ad Here: