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Governor Lamont’s “kinda sorta it might be if you look hard ‘tax cut'”

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto released the following statement:


Governor Lamont has proposed a property income tax credit that he calls a ‘tax cut’ for senior citizens, who are on a fixed income, of a whopping $100.00 per year, and for some lucky folks in Connecticut, a tax credit of $300 per year. To be eligible for this ‘credit,’ you must first pay 100% of your real estate property taxes. The average property tax bill in Connecticut is over $4,000/year, with the average in Fairfield County being over $6,000/year. Connecticut needs real property tax reform – this isn’t cutting it. Governor Lamont and the Democrats who run the government have continually refused to address this unbelievably burdensome and regressive tax that hurts citizens of all stages of life.


“Connecticut has the 3rd highest property tax bill in the country, which is a monumental detriment to young families trying to buy their first house (mortgage lenders do not care about an income tax credit) and to seniors being able to stay in the home they have built. Connecticut’s astronomically high property tax creates additional burdens on starting and operating a business and, together with Connecticut’s out of control state taxes, is the leading cause for people leaving the state,” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “Only a Democrat can tell a taxpayer, I’ll gladly give you $300 next year after you pay your multi-thousand dollar tax bill today.


The hard working men and women of Connecticut are tired of the runaround by Democrats with empty promises of ‘tax cuts’ and misdirection. We need real tax relief and a real plan to actually lower the monthly tax bill millions of homeowners pay every month to their mortgage companies — sometimes a tax payment that is even more than the principle and interest payment on their mortgage.


“Governor Lamont is promising to return pennies while taxpayers pay thousands of dollars. Leadership is making the hard decisions. Unfortunately, though for the people of Connecticut, leadership has been lacking under the Gold Dome for well over a decade,” concluded Proto.