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Ned Lamont and Chris Murphy Are All In with Biden for 2024


President Joe Biden has named Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy to serve on Biden’s National Advisory Board, acting as Biden surrogates for his 2024 re-election campaign.


The Advisory Board consists of just 50 state and federal lawmakers, chaired by Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


Lamont and Murphy also appeared in a video announcing the board. In the video, Lamont proclaims that “reelecting President Biden is a B.F.D.” This was in reference to Biden’s line in 2017 telling Barack Obama that passing the Affordable Care Act was a “big f–ing deal.”


Lamont’s outward support for President Biden did not just begin. In fact, Lamont was the first governor to endorse Biden in his 2020 election campaign. Biden also traveled to Connecticut to campaign for Lamont and Murphy in the 2018 election cycle.


It is awfully fitting that two far-left, out-of-touch Connecticut legislators are supporting Biden, a failure of a president who has driven the American economy into the ground, in 2024.