Our 2022 Republican Team

GOP Candidates for Office in CT

Bob Stefanowski

Candidate for Governor

Bob Stefanowski has built a career rooted in accountability, leadership, and humility; and a family grounded in faith, honesty, and respect. As an executive and global business leader, Bob took on challenging assignments and created a culture of transparency, fairness, and accountability. Bob will do the same in the state government: he will get Connecticut working for the people again, not political insiders. Beyond his business experience, Bob has been involved in community organizations throughout Connecticut for decades, including his service on the Board of Directors of the Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport. In 2020, Bob and Amy co-founded and launched “Masks for Heroes” to help the state fight COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic when PPE was in dire need.

Laura Devlin

Candidate for Lt. Governor

State Representative Laura Devlin (R-134) has worked to serve others and give back to our communities throughout her life. While her career initially took her to the Big Apple, Laura’s roots were in Fairfield. She followed in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and started her own communications firm in Connecticut. Laura Devlin understands the devastating effects of the state’s fiscal mismanagement on our families – constant state tax hikes, lack of affordability, and a breakdown of trust in government spending. So Laura went to work to improve things in Hartford, where she has won against the most formidable odds in the fight for affordability, public safety, openness, and transparency.

Dominic Rapini

Candidate for CT Secretary of the State

A lifelong resident of New Haven county, Connecticut is home for Dominic Rapini. Now in his 25th year in Apple, Inc.’s Consumer Electronics Division, Dominic has enjoyed a successful career and has been named Salesperson of the Year twice. In 2018, Dominic ran unsuccessfully for US Senate as a first-time candidate. On election night, Dominic was dismayed by stories of wet ballots, missing ballots, magically appearing ballots, and late floods of election day registrations pushing poll closings far past the state-mandated 8:00 pm deadline, followed by very late reporting of results from our major cities. All of which fueled suspicion and mistrust of the results. A principled conservative, Dominic Rapini will continue his fight for election integrity as Connecticut’s next Secretary of the State.

Jessica Kordas

Candidate for CT Attorney General

Attorney Jessica Kordas of Norwalk has had a dynamic career in law and has earned the reputation of a meticulously prepared and diligent advocate. Kordas has managed large-scale criminal defense and life-altering injury litigation along with negotiating and drafting agreements dividing a variety of complex income and asset structures – critical skills and experience to be an effective Attorney General. While this is Kordas’ first attempt at elective office, this is not her first foray into the political arena. In addition to being a member of the Norwalk Republican Town Committee, Jessica became involved in public debate over the operation of our public schools during the pandemic, arguing that the government overstepped its authority in minimizing parents’ roles in raising their children.

Harry Arora

Candidate for CT Treasurer

State Representative Harry Arora (R-151) has over 25 years of experience in investment management and running a successful business in Greenwich. Five years ago, Harry left a successful career in investment management to run for office. He is not a career politician. But since being elected to the Connecticut State House, he has fought tirelessly for his constituents. His faith motivates him to serve as a politician. Arora is focused on listening to the people of Connecticut and is driven to solve the tough problems that stand in our way.

Mary Fay

Candidate for CT Comptroller

Mary M. Fay, a resident of West Hartford for 19 years, is a Financial Services Senior Executive. She has held several senior business leadership roles, including Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sun Life Financial. Mary has also been Senior Vice President of GE Capital and Senior Vice President of ING. Active in her community, Mary is a three-term member of West Hartford’s Town Council. Mary’s fierce independence and integrity will provide greater transparency and bring efficiencies to the comptroller’s office. Fay is committed to restoring integrity, tightening financial controls, increasing efficiency, and improving the accuracy of reporting and forecasting.

Leora Levy

Candidate for US Senate

Leora Levy is a principled political outsider fighting for Connecticut families. Leora has represented Connecticut Republicans on the national level as our Republican National Committeewoman since 2016 and spearheaded the effort to establish an RNC Hispanic & African American Engagement Center in New Britain earlier this year, one of the first in the country. Leora was born in Havana, Cuba, and escaped Castro’s Communist Revolution with her family in 1960. Leora’s life has been an American Dream; she wants the same opportunity for every American! She was honored to be nominated by President Donald Trump to be the US Ambassador to Chile in October of 2019, and he endorsed her campaign for United States Senate. She has helped Republicans in Connecticut and nationwide for over forty years and has served on the Finance Committees for the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC. Leora’s first priorities when she gets to Washington will be to cut wasteful spending, reduce taxes, helping to make life affordable again for CT families again. Leora will work to eliminate burdensome regulations that crush small businesses ability to start, grow and expand; her plan includes expanding opportunity zones in CT. Leora will stop the invasion at our southern border and as a mother will always stand up for parental rights, medical freedom, the Second Amendment, law enforcement, and the lives of babies in the womb.

George Logan

Candidate for CT's 5th Congressional District

George Logan is the proud son of Guatemalan immigrants that came to the United States to pursue the American Dream. Growing up in inner-city New Haven, George took advantage of the opportunities offered to him through community organizations and education. George has been deeply involved in giving back to the community through organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, the Housatonic Valley Association, BHcare, and the New Haven Symphony Orchestra. George is also a sitting member of the Griffin Hospital Board. As a former two-term State Senator, George is known for advocating for fiscal responsibility and fighting against tax hikes and over-the-top spending. He also led the charge in addressing the opioid epidemic and supporting our law enforcement officers. In Congress, George will be a fierce advocate for lowering costs for families and businesses, supporting our law enforcement, addressing the opioid epidemic, and improving the education system.

Jayme Stevenson

Candidate for CT's 4th Congressional District

Jayme Stevenson is an experienced servant leader. For more than ten years as Darien’s First Selectman, Chairman of WestCOG, Southwest Region MPO, CIRMA, and First Vice President of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, she advocated for citizens and businesses throughout Connecticut. Working collaboratively with her bipartisan peers, Jayme helped set policy standards and sought funding approvals for transportation infrastructure and regional service delivery while prioritizing municipal governance and local decision-making. Jayme’s respected, transparent leadership led Darien safely through the unprecedented SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, numerous hurricanes, and damaging floods, protests, and demonstrations. The trusted relationships Jayme developed with cities and towns in southwest Connecticut motivate her to bring common sense and pragmatic leadership to Washington as your next Congresswoman for the 4th Congressional District.

Lesley DeNardis

Candidate for CT's 3rd Congressional District

Born and raised in Hamden, Lesley DeNardis is an active member of her community. Dr. DeNardis recently retired after a career in higher education. Before embarking on her run for Congress, she taught Political Science at Sacred Heart University, where she also directed the Institute for Public Policy and the Sacred Heart University Poll. As a professor, she instilled in her students an appreciation for the constitutional principles upon which our great country was founded: limited government, freedom, individual responsibility, and opportunity. Yet, for far too long, Americans have struggled to pay their bills and deal with rising crime rates. As the next representative for Connecticut’s 3rd District, Dr. DeNardis is prepared to offer common sense solutions in Congress.

Mike France

Candidate for CT's 2nd Congressional District

State Representative Mike France (R-42) is currently serving his fourth term as State Representative representing the 42nd District, which includes most of Ledyard, all of Preston, and a portion of the Uncasville and Oakdale sections of Montville. Following graduation from the University of Southern California, he served as the Damage Control Assistant in USS MARS (AFS 1) and the Combat System Officer/Navigator in USS REEVES (CG 24), completing three Indian Ocean/Persian Gulf deployments in support of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch. As chair of the Connecticut General Assembly Conservative Caucus, Mike leads the charge in bringing the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty back to Connecticut. These are the values that Mike will bring as the next representative of Connecticut’s 2nd District.

Dr. Larry Lazor

Candidate for CT's 1st Congressional District

Dr. Larry Lazor has been a physician at Hartford Hospital since 1990 as an OB/GYN. While the segue from medicine into politics doesn’t seem apparent initially, his interaction with almost 100 patients per week has opened his eyes and ears to people of many different and diverse backgrounds. Dr. Lazor is determined to listen to the needs of Connecticut residents. Connecticut’s prosperity is vulnerable to high debt, ineffective tax policies, and a lack of employment. While the Democratic Party has almost completely controlled the state’s policies and influence over the past 12 years, Connecticut has measured near the bottom in statistical rankings of debt, taxation, and unemployment. Empathy, humility, and trustworthiness are some of the values Dr. Lazor will bring to Congress for Connecticut’s 1st District.



District 1: Alexander Colaiacovo
District 3: Matthew Harper
District 4: Jacquline Crespan
District 6: Tremell Collins
District 7: John A. Kissel
District 8: Lisa Seminara
District 9: Lisa Marotta
District 10: John Carlson
District 11: Steve Orosco
District 12: Paul Crisci
District 13: Joe Vollano
District 14: Kim- Marie Mullin
District 16: Rob Sampson
District 17: Kathy Hoyt
District 18: Heather S. Somers
District 19: Pietro “Rocky” Camardella
District 20: Jerry Labriola
District 21: Kevin C. Kelly
District 23: Michael Garrett
District 24: Michelle J Coelho
District 25: Daniel Miressi
District 26: Toni Boucher
District 27: Michael Battinelli
District 28: Tony Hwang
District 29: Susanne Witkowski
District 30: Stephen Harding
District 31: Henri Martin
District 32: Eric C. Berthel
District 33: Brandon Goff
District 34: Paul Cicarella
District 35: Dr. Jeffrey Gordon
District 36: Ryan Fazio




District 2: Jenn Lewis
District 5: Charles Windsor Jackson III
District 8: Tim Ackert
District 9: Matthew Lauf
District 13: Donna Meier
District 14: Tom Delnicki
District 16: Mike Paine
District 17: Heather Maguire
District 18: David DeHaas
District 20: Anastasia Yopp
District 21: Joe Capodiffero
District 22: Francis Rexford Cooley
District 23: Devin Carney
District 24: Paul Edwards
District 25: Jerrell Hargraves
District 26: Joel Moret
District 27: Nancy Cappello
District 28: Brianna Timbro
District 29: Pankaj Prakash
District 30: Donna Veach
District 31: Gary Giannelli
District 32: Christie Carpino
District 33: Jon Pulino
District 34: Irene Haines
District 35: Chris Aniskovich
District 36: Chris Turkington
District 37: Holly Cheeseman
District 38: Kathleen McCarty
District 39: Karen Paul
District 40: Scott Westervelt
District 41: Robert Boris
District 42: Kim Healy
District 43: Greg Howard
District 44: Anne Dauphinais
District 45: Brian Lanoue
District 46: Robert Bell
District 47: Doug Dubitsky
District 48: Mark DeCaprio
District 50: Aaron Soucey
District 51: Rick Hayes
District 52: Kurt Vail
District 53: Tammy Nuccio
District 56: Jim Tedford
District 57: David Stavens
District 58: Robert Hendrickson
District 59: Carol Hall
District 60: Len Walker
District 61: Tami Zawistowski
District 62: Mark Anderson
District 63: Jay Case
District 64: Christopher DuPont
District 66: Karen Reddington-Hughes
District 66: Susan Haas
District 67: Bill Buckbee
District 68: Joe Polletta
District 69: Cindy Harrison
District 70: Seth Bronko
District 71: Bill Pizzuto
District 72: Vernon Matthews
District 73: Abigal Pizarro
District 76: John Piscopo
District 77: Cara Pavalock-D’Amato
District 78: Joe Hoxha

District 79: Jennifer Van Gorder
District 80: Gale Mastrofrancesco
District 81: Tony Morrison
District 83: Lou Arata
District 85: Kerry Lentz
District 86: Vincent Candelora
District 87: David Yaccarino
District 89: Lezlye Zupkus
District 90: Craig Fishbein
District 93: Percy Sanders
District 96: Eric Mastroianni
District 97: Anthony Acri
District 98: Rich DiNardo
District 99: Joe Zullo
District 100: Anthony Moran
District 101: John Rasimas
District 102: Raymond Ingraham
District 103: Christopher Bahadosingh
District 104: Josh Shuart
District 105: Nicole Klarides-Ditria
District 106: Mitch Bolinsky
District 107: Martin Foncello
District 108: Patrick Callahan
District 109: Jesy Fernandez
District 110: Eric Gleissner
District 111: Bob Herbert
District 112: Tony Scott
District 113: Jason Perillo
District 114: Dan Cowan
District 116: Aaron Haley
District 117: Charles Ferraro
District 118: Jeffrey Parkin
District 119: Kathy Kennedy
District 120: Laura Dancho
District 122: Ben McGorty
District 123: David Rutigliano
District 124: Jose Quiroga
District 125: Tom O’Dea
District 126: Philip Flynn
District 127: Anthony Puccio
District 128: Romana Marquez
District 129: Louis Savino
District 130: Terrence Sullivan
District 131: David Labriola
District 132: Brian Farnen
District 133: Michael Grant
District 134: Meghan McCloat
District 135: Alex Burns
District 136: Alma Sarellt
District 137: Luis Estrella
District 138: Rachel Chaleski
District 139: John Marshall
District 141: Tracy Marra
District 142: Donold Mastronadi
District 143: Nicole Hampton
District 145: Fritz Blau
District 146: Lynn Arnow
District 147: Abe Viera
District 148: Wilm Donath
District 149: Kimberly Fiorello
District 150: Ed Lopez
District 151: Peter Sherr




District 3: Edward McAnaney
District 4: Tad Bistor
District 6: Sean Peoples
District 8: Mike Carrier
District 11: Carolyn McCaffrey
District 13: Mike Darby
District 14: Jennifer Berkenstock
District 16: Ariana Ceneviva
District 17: Patrick Birney
District 18: Matthew Jalowiec
District 19: William Hamzy
District 21: Rosa Rebimbas
District 22: Domenick Calabrese
District 23: James Steck
District 24: Jordan Richards
District 26: Gabrielle LaBonte
District 27: Carolanne Rowe
District 29: Chuck Norris
District 31: Mathew Greene
District 32: Jeffrey McNamara
District 33: David Gage
District 34: Peter Barrett
District 35: Al Ippolito
District 36: Michael R. Brandt
District 38: Jerald Barber
District 40: Win Smith III
District 41: Clifford Hoyle
District 42: Fred Anthony
District 43: Dom Chieffalo
District 44: Martin Landgrebe
District 45: Jennifer Collins
District 46: T.R. Rowe
District 47: Lisa Knopf
District 50: Patrizia Zucaro
District 52: William Osterndorf
District 54: David Hopper