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The Heat is On: CT Democrats Begin the “U Turn” on the Truck Tax

“I’m sure the only thing missing from the Democrats press conference on their attempts to reign in the hugely expensive and utterly misguided truck mileage tax will be the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack of the late Glenn Frey’s ‘The Heat is On’ playing in the background,” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto.


“The Connecticut Democrats are feeling the heat: They have decided to start calling for the exemptions on their Truck Tax which, on January 1, 2023, will greatly increase the cost of food, clothing, electronics, diapers, medicine and gasoline and home heating oil, to name just a few things that Democrats don’t think Connecticut citizens pay enough for right now,” said Proto. “By trying to carve out an industry or two for local concerns, legislators, like Senator Cathy Osten, are trying to recharacterize their tax on all we consume as a ‘pro-agriculture’ or ‘pro-local business’ alternative.”


This is the tale of a caucus divided on priorities: those who want to more taxpayer money for programs that the government has no business being in and those concerned with reelection who are beginning to understand that the state unaffordable and that they will have to answer to the voters for their actions for creating an even more unsustainable cost of living.


“It’s clearly an election year with Democrats marking the occasion by approving $150,000,000.00 in bonuses to state employees in a thinly veiled attempt to buy their votes while latching on to the Republicans’ plan to cut the gas tax, and now backpedaling on their beloved truck mileage tax,” said Proto.


“All I can say to the people of Connecticut, hold onto your wallets. If Democrats win in November, they will be coming back with even a greater vengeance for your money,” concluded Proto.