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VP Visit, USCGA Graduation

 Connecticut State Republican Chairman Ben Proto would like to provide the following statement on Vice President Harris’s trip to the Coast Guard Academy in New London:

“First and foremost, thank you and congratulations to the graduating cadets of the United States Coast Guard Academy. Your dedication to our country, and your role in protecting our shores, and putting yourself in harm’s way when called upon, represent the highest ideals of America and the American experience.

Republicans have always supported our military and first responders. We will continue to support these brave men and women, their families, and all those who make such great sacrifices to preserve the freedom we enjoy in the United States. To all who wear our country’s uniform, and particularly to the United States Coast Guard Academy graduates: Thank you for your service.

We only wish that you were being served by Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden as well as you serve us.  From Afghanistan to Ukraine, the Biden-Harris administration has been nothing but a complete disaster and embarrassment. They have failed our military on more occasions than one can count.  Their leadership has put the brave men and women of our armed forces at higher risk around the world because they project weakness, not strength. As we watch what is happening in the Ukraine, we are left to wonder how, under a Biden-Harris administration, our civilian leaders would ensure the safety and ability of the military.”