About Us

The Connecticut Republican Party has championed conservative values in the Constitution State for over one hundred and fifty years.

About the Connecticut GOP


The Connecticut Republican Party was founded in the 1850’s at the forefront of the growing anti-slavery movement.  Republicans sought the eventual end of slavery, and the modernization of the country.  Connecticut sent delegates to the first ever Republican National Convention in 1856. It was not until the second Republican National Convention, which nominated Abraham Lincoln, that the Republican Party became a political force, a force that would fundamentally change our country.


Over the past one-hundred-fifty plus years, the Republican Party in Connecticut and, across the nation, has accomplished many great things for our citizens, yet in many ways our core principles have not changed. The GOP (Grand Old Party) has always stood for freedom and prosperity for all Americans.

Our Mission at the Connecticut GOP


To Educate Voters and to Grow the Party;

To Recruit, Support, and Help Elect Republican Candidates;

To Return Individual Liberty, Affordability, and Common-Sense Government in Connecticut

Our Principles


We believe, as our founders wrote, in the individual’s God-given, inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness;

We believe in individual liberty, in constitutional self-government, and in equal justice under the law;

We believe that a free nation is a more prosperous and happy nation


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