CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @Leigh_Appleby @mcmandell @CTDemsChair @DanMalloyCT The @CTDEMS motto: "we were for higher taxes before we were aga… https://t.co/vuSsljcD6T 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @mcmandell @CTDemsChair When we can find your press release condeming @DanMalloyCT 's 2 record tax increases, you'l… https://t.co/anFYwMbVwA 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @mcmandell @CTDemsChair crying about taxes while you support a governor who has destroyed our state's economy by raising taxes. ironic. 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP .@CTDems are silent while they have a party member calling our legislators hookers...this lack of leadership is unacceptable 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP .@mcmandell why haven't you said anything about Tina Manus?? Are you okay with her calling a respected leader a hooker?? 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP Connecticut voters are quickly learning they can't trust @CTDEMS @DanMalloyCT protege @MayorBronin empty promises https://t.co/PdQooMCxBQ 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @CTDems gov candidates are saddled with @DanMalloyCT's failures & stuck defending his toxic record https://t.co/hgIsGhsb5R 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @JonThompsonGOP: WSJ: Under @DanMalloyCT, Connecticut comes up short once again: https://t.co/DHmq4OvOuh 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP Crickets ... - https://t.co/onD9SIM24d 2 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @cthrcc: Connecticut pension system worst in the nation, according to new study https://t.co/HV6S8W6RtU 3 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @CTDems candidates for governor are stuck with defending @DanMalloyCT's #Failedleadership https://t.co/6uM1xTHASx 3 days ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP Embattled @CTDems Gov Candidate @MayorDanDrew Faces Criticism For Preventing Raises For City Employees https://t.co/6ZEbAuNG7L 3 days ago


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The Connecticut Republican Party believe in the wisdom of the people to manage their own lives and, through the generosity of the human spirit, share their good fortune with those less fortunate. The mission of the Connecticut Republican Party is to promote Republican values and ideas, elect candidates that support and promote these values and ideas, and help them lead effectively based on our common principles.



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