CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @ThadGray18: ➡️CT continues to lag U.S. in population growth ➡️All of the New England states grew faster than Connecticut We must ele… 6 minutes ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP #Connecticut has been led down the Road to Ruin📉 paved by the policies of @CTDems Can you afford tolls? Can you af… https://t.co/yetNtFiDk6 2 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @HarryForCT: @CTDEMS at work: @jahimes voted against tax cuts. @NedLamont promises tolls and tax increases. These anti-growth policies… 3 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @TheBigChezy: No comment needed...@CTGOP #ctpolitics https://t.co/B3sLAnwNLA 18 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @ThibodeauTweets: 🏆Congratulations to Tyrell Brown on becoming the @CTGOP endorsed candidate for the 100th House District in #Connecticu 18 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @BrendaKupchick: Honored to accept my party’s nomination for another term tonight! Thank you to Bill Domeika and Liz Kurantowicz for you… 19 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @ChapmanforSOTS: Congratulations to the awardees at tonight’s #Lincoln Day Dinner: Scott Henkel - Beyond Borders Award Jonathan Klein-… 22 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @ChapmanforSOTS: Having a great time at the @bridgeportgop #Lincoln Day Dinner with @kurtmiller23 @MacDommer @CTGOP #LeadRight https://t… 23 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @ThadGray18: On the campaign trail it is wonderful to visit and discover neighborhood gems like Harborview Market in the Blackrock secti… 23 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @MayorMark: Got the flag at West and Main fixed. Someone hit the brand new flagpole. #DanburyPride 23 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @The_RGA: If @NedLamont doesn’t like being known as a Malloy Enabler, he should’ve thought of that before committing to raise taxes on #… 23 hours ago


About The Connecticut Republican Party

The Connecticut Republican Party believe in the wisdom of the people to manage their own lives and, through the generosity of the human spirit, share their good fortune with those less fortunate. The mission of the Connecticut Republican Party is to promote Republican values and ideas, elect candidates that support and promote these values and ideas, and help them lead effectively based on our common principles.



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About The Connecticut Republican Party

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>> Elected Officials
Connecticut Republicans are delivering common sense leadership to the people of Connecticut at all levels of government. Here you will find information about our Republican team from the State Capitol to Main Street, Connecticut.


>> Party Officers
Connecticut Republicans are led by experienced, dedicated professionals including our vice-chairwoman and RNC Committee Members.


>> State Party Staff
We are fortunate to have a hard working, full-time, political staff committed to electing Connecticut Republicans at all levels of government.