CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @markdavisWTNH: State budget stalemate at Capitol causing unprecedented budget situation at city & town halls across CT 13 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @MattLesser @CTNetworkTV Counting on @CTDems to do accurate math is like having them know the difference btwn State… https://t.co/RhkD26gOAM 14 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @MattLesser Saving $$$ with GUARANTEED employment and raises at a higher rate than private sector... ??? Time update your talking points? 15 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @MattLesser If you care about people hurting across CT, let's end the uncertainty and chaos caused by missing 4 budget deadlines?! 15 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @RedefiningDecor @JoeAresimowicz @CTDems What is good about CT: there are fewer elected democrats each year since Malloy took office! 15 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @MattLesser We seem to have misplaced Democrat's budget...can you send it again? 15 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP @MattLesser Now a live look at @MattLesser as Connecticut decends further into fiscal crisis. What was that about… https://t.co/btKPj5qaLG 15 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @markdavisWTNH: Some CT towns may be faced with issuing supplemental Prop Tax bills and service cut backs because of state budget stalem… 16 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @CPLiebau: Only thing worse than unpredictability of no budget: predictability of a decade of tax increases if CT Senate approves govt u… 18 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @JAndrewHorvath: CBIA: Labor pact would lock in 'unsustainable' costs https://t.co/zAdduu2q4h 19 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @HartfordBiz: .@CBIANews: CT labor pact would lock in 'unsustainable' costs @HartfordBiz https://t.co/aYJp4cb1P1 19 hours ago
CT GOP CT GOP @CTGOP RT @The_RGA: Under Failed Democrat Leadership, Connecticut’s Poor Fiscal Standing Gets Even Worse: https://t.co/e9jc2aXM9W #CTGOV https://t… 19 hours ago


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The Connecticut Republican Party believe in the wisdom of the people to manage their own lives and, through the generosity of the human spirit, share their good fortune with those less fortunate. The mission of the Connecticut Republican Party is to promote Republican values and ideas, elect candidates that support and promote these values and ideas, and help them lead effectively based on our common principles.



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