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Democrats’ Mileage Tax ‘Study’ is as Tone Deaf as Can Be

“New Tax Ned” Lamont and the Democrats Just Can’t Help Themselves


Ned Lamont and Connecticut Democrats didn’t get the message when Connecticut taxpayers stood up and gave a resounding NO to their plan to put tolls on our highways.


Democrats think because a couple of years have passed since they failed to pass their regressive toll and TCI taxes, that they can now quietly slip in a mileage tax by asking taxpayers to help study how it would work.


Newsflash Governor, Connecticut taxpayers are not that gullible.


“Unfortunately, Governor Lamont, while trying to convince taxpayers that he cut their taxes, continues to prove that he can’t help himself and is looking for new and more expensive ways to take money from taxpayers to feed Connecticut government’s voracious appetite for more and more spending,” said Connecticut Republican State Chair Ben Proto.  We don’t need new taxes- or to waste taxpayer dollars studying and implementing new taxes.  Connecticut should be studying how to utilize our tax dollars better, implement real tax cuts, address ever rising local property taxes and, most importantly, provide real tax relief to struggling Connecticut families,” continued Proto.


“Here’s an idea; bring together taxpayers from around the state, homeowners, renters, single moms, retirees, and business owners, and have real taxpayers, not politicians,  discuss the current tax system, how it impacts them and their families, and how we can make Connecticut government more efficient (maybe putting state workers back at their desks answering phones and emails would be a start) and less expensive. Connecticut taxpayers deserve and need serious tax relief now- not more regressive taxes from Governor Lamont,” concluded Proto.