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Proto Says Tong Needs to Investigate Democrats Excessive Gas Taxes

State Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto Wednesday said the Democrats’ efforts to shift the blame for higher gas prices onto the station owner isn’t fooling anyone but themselves.


This week, Attorney General William Tong issued a press release announcing that “If you see anyone charging excessive gas prices, I want to know. We will investigate every report and will take strong action against anyone taking advantage of Connecticut consumers during this international crisis.”


“I’d like to know how I report excessive gas taxes,” said Proto. “The state of Connecticut adds 29 cents to the cost of every gallon of gas that a motorist purchases, and let’s not forget the 18+ cents per gallon the federal government sticks us with every gallon we put into our vehicles. That is excessive and I call on our Attorney General to open an investigation into the Connecticut Democrats gouging the driving public and driving up the cost of gasoline for all of us.”


“Gas prices are out of sight because Democrats have lost all connection with reality with their energy policies that punish Americans, reward our enemies and add to the costs of other goods and services and there is no plan from either the Democrats in Washington or Hartford to fix this problem anytime soon,” said Proto.


Attorney General William Tong isn’t fooling anyone. He is declaring war on the small business owner who sells gas when it’s his Democrat colleagues in Washington and Hartford who are responsible for soaring gas prices.


“Gas was getting more expensive before the first shots were fired in Ukraine,” said Proto. “Even without the current crisis, the issues of supply and demand are simple – when we have to buy oil from abroad, it’s more expensive and less reliable. Now, Americans are paying for the sheer Democrat incompetence.”


Proto said Tong learned well from his mentor, Dick Blumenthal, by trying to blame the victim – the taxpayers and consumers – rather than those who passed these ruinous policies.


“I have said it before and I will say it again, we have a choice this November, we can change the people making these decisions that are ruining our great state or we can continue to embody the definition of insanity. Voters are smarter than politicians, they will see through this charade and lay the blame where it properly belongs, in the lap of the Democrats,” concluded Proto.