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MIDDLETOWN — Chairman Ben Proto chastised Wethersfield Democrats who failed to honor the senseless murder of State Trooper Aaron Pelletier after calling the thin blue line flag racist and non-inclusive.


“As all of Connecticut knows, Connecticut lost a brave and dedicated State Trooper last week who was killed in the line of duty at a routine traffic stop by a hit and run driver on Interstate 84 in Southington” Proto began. “This loss is a loss for all of Connecticut and we should honor our police and we all pray that we will never again have to lay to rest a young man or woman who was murdered in the prime of their life, for simply doing their job.”


Recently, Wethersfield Democrats refused to fly the thin blue line flag to honor Trooper Pellitier because they claimed it represents racism. Trooper Pellitier died trying to ensure the safety of an individual not knowing that person’s race, creed, nationality, or sexual orientation. It calls into question who the bigots are in this situation.


“This flag is over 100 years old and honors the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day and, as we see too often, lose their lives, in service to us all” continued Proto. “To be so callous to say the flag represents racism is utter crap and is further proof that Democrats, at all levels of government, clearly have no respect for our police.”


“It seems that only people who judge people by race, religious belief, sexual orientation, or, in this case, the job they hold, are the Democrats on the Wethersfield Town Council. The hate flows from these elected officials, not from police officers across Connecticut”.


“It is time for Wethersfield Democrats to do the right thing, fly the flag and hold a moment of silence for Trooper Pelletier at their next meeting and, in that moment of silence, say a prayer of thanks that men and women like Aaron Pelletier leave their house every morning to put their lives on the line so these cowardly so-called leaders can rest easily knowing that police officers have the watch” concluded Proto.