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Another Day, Another Investigation Into Connecticut Democrats

Appropriately on Groundhog Day the Courant broke the news that Connecticut’s Governor Ned Lamont’s administration was served by the New Haven U.S. Attorney’s office — and it wasn’t New Haven’s world’s greatest pizza. The subpoenas are part of a federal grand jury
investigation into the Lamont Administration’s awarding of hundreds of millions of dollars of
school construction financing as well as the state pier boondoggle which saw a reshuffling of
political staff to other agencies.


There are both nepotism and accounting concerns that have federal authorities scratching their heads when it comes to school construction funding. These monies are meant to bolster local efforts to make infrastructure and facility improvements so that students and staff can learn and teach in comfortable, safe and, if possible, modern, tech/future ready schools.


The State Pier has been the boondoggle of the decade complete with the Connecticut Port
Authority’s (CPA) endless supply of corruption, which includes but is not limited to:


Repeated failures to stay on schedule or within the budget for the State Pier Renovation to
accommodate a future offshore wind farm


Shamed former CPA chair, Scott Bates, is now proudly receiving a handsome salary, and the pomp and circumstance with the title of Deputy Secretary of the State


Another in the series of no-bid hires and paying a Democratic First Selectman’s daughter thousands of dollars for photos to “decorate the office.”


“Just like one of our favorite Bill Murray flicks, it seems that every day we will wake and find a New Democrat official or agency under investigation,” said Connecticut Republican Party
Chairman Ben Proto. “It’s time to fire the current regime and choose transparency AND
accountability by voting Republican this November.”