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Biden Visits CT to Cheer Lamont’s Unconstitutional Ban on Open Carry

Democrats will tout CT’s unconstitutional ban as national model- one that does nothing for the most dangerous neighborhoods in CT


Joe Biden is coming to Connecticut under the guise of “preventing gun violence”- but in the wake of Governor Lamont and Connecticut Democrats unconstitutional ban on the open carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens it is clear that Joe Biden is really coming to Connecticut to cheer-lead the trampling on of our citizens clear constitutional rights by a nearing tyrannical state government.


“Biden and Lamont are hosting this event right down Albany Avenue from the North End of Hartford- one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Northeast. A neighborhood where even Democrat Senator Gary Winfield suggests that criminals need to carry [illegal] guns to protect themselves. So it begs the question, if Joe Biden and Ned Lamont really want to talk about gun violence why not hold this on a corner in the North End and tell the people who live there what they are doing to protect the residents who have been devastated  by gun violence and crime? Joe Biden and Ned Lamont are completely out of touch with the real problems Hartford residents are facing” said Connecticut Republican Chairman Ben Proto.


“It’s time Joe Biden and Democrats stop attacking law abiding citizens and start focusing on those criminals who are intent on destroying neighborhoods and families” continued Proto.


“But that would mean that Biden would first have to come clean on his and his families connections  with the criminal Russian oligarchs and Burisma Holdings. The American people deserve better” concluded Proto.