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Chris Murphy Embarks on Faux Outrage Tour Over Failed Border Bill

In a February 13th tweet on the social media platform X, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) announced that he was going on an “outrage tour” over the failed border & foreign funding bill. See the rest of his tweet below.



Chris Murphy is “furious” that Republicans refused to pass an ineffective bill that he admitted allows up to 5,000 illegal immigrants to enter the country each day and does NOT close the border.


We know that Chris Murphy’s priority is not securing the border. In fact, during an interview with MSNBC, he proclaimed that the people the Democratic Party care about most are “undocumented Americans.”


Chris Murphy only “cares” about border security when it is politically convenient for Chris Murphy. In 2018, in response to Donald Trump’s attempt to secure the border, Murphy called his attempts “prejudiced” and offered no viable solutions to the problem. Yet now, with Democrats taking the heat for the current border crisis, Murphy is going on an “outrage tour” to try to flip the script and win political points. But the people of Connecticut are not falling for it.