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Chairman Ben Proto Urges Swift Investigation into Greenwich Democrat Trevor Crow

(Middletown, CT)  In light of Democrat Trevor Crow’s stunning admission regarding her failed 2022 campaign at a Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Meeting on Wednesday, January 17th, Connecticut Republican Chairman Ben Proto today called on the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) to swiftly investigate these admissions and impose appropriate punishment.


“Trevor Crow has admitted in an open forum that she willfully violated Connecticut’s clean campaign finance laws by raising additional funds to spend on her race while using the state grant,” said  Proto. “This admission should immediately trigger the SEEC to launch an investigation and hold her accountable prior to her next campaign.”


“SEEC enforcement exists to ensure clean and fair elections as well as administer the law regarding the public financing program.  When a candidate brags about purposely violating the clear language of the law, as well as the spirit and intent of the law, they need to be held accountable,” continued Proto.


An excerpt from Trevor Crow’s speech is below:


“Two years ago my name was unknown. It was an uphill battle. I started late and didn’t know anyone or anything,” she said. “We used the Citizens Election program, which I supplemented by raising an additional $50,000 for our DTCs and our PACS to spend on our race. And District 36 was newly redistricted, subsequently becoming more Republican.”


According to Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program 2022 Guide, “Once qualified for a grant, a participating candidate may not raise additional money and must use only the grant money provided through the Program, plus any remaining qualifying contributions and unspent personal funds provided by the candidate before applying for the grant.”


“The Citizens’ Election Program is designed to ensure that a candidate does not utilize outside “dark” money. Unfortunately for the voters of the 36th Senate District, Trevor Crow has shown a blatant disregard for the laws of our state and that she is willing to skirt the law to try to win an election – clearly not the type of person the people of Greenwich, Stamford or New Canaan deserve as their State Senator” concluded Proto.