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Connecticut Left in the Cold This Winter

Americans will be paying the most in 25 years for heat this winter, with natural gas and oil costs set to increase nearly 30% according to the Energy Information Administration . For families that use fuel oil to heat their home – many of whom are in states like New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – this means an average heating cost of more than $2,300 this winter. And if it’s a cold winter, those costs will be even higher.


That’s also bad news for the millions of families already struggling to pay their bills. Congress’ Joint Economic Committee released an analysis of just how much Americans have already LOST on average paying for higher energy costs since Biden took office. Let’s look at Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island specifically:

  • Connecticut: $1,950
  • New York: $1,605
  • Rhode Island: $1,676


That’s money that went up in smoke thanks to Bidenflation and Biden’s war on American energy. That’s never coming back, and with prices set to surge even further, the only place Americans are feeling the heat is from inflation burning through their wallets.