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Logan fights for Connecticut families while Hayes offers more of the same pain

New Britain – Following tonight’s debate between George Logan and Jahana Hayes, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto issued this statement:


“George Logan was the clear winner of tonight’s debate. Once again, Jahana Hayes showed her true self – out of touch with Connecticut families and more concerned with maintaining her position than offering solutions for the working women and men of the 5th District.  Her idea that her left-wing progressive policies that have brought about the worst recession in forty years, the lowest wage growth, highest energy costs, and allowing fentanyl to flow through our borders, not like candy but actually as candy, is further proof that she is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and fully supports the failed Biden-Harris agenda.


“By contrast, George Logan offered common sense solutions to address the economic pain caused by Jahana Hayes, Joe Biden, and Democrats. Logan’s solutions will make Connecticut more affordable, safer, and will restore parents to the rightful place as the primary stakeholder in their children’s lives.  As Hayes continues to run from her record and tout more of the same policies that destroyed our economy, George Logan proved once and for all that he is the candidate with his finger on the pulse of the 5th District, that he is the candidate with the ideas and solutions to help families struggling under the failures of Jahana Hayes, and to restore and build the confidence of the people, not only in our government but, more importantly, in their hopes and dreams, which Hayes, Biden and the Democrats have destroyed.”