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Connecticut Republicans Continue Surging in the Polls

CT-05 Nominee George Logan leads in the polls, Stefanowski closing the distance in race for Governor, U.S. Senate Race Heating Up


As Election Day approaches, Republican candidates across Connecticut are closing the gap or, in the case of George Logan, leading in public polling. Meanwhile, the race for governor is heating up with the most recent polling showing Ned Lamont & Dick Blumenthal under 50% with Bob Stefanowski & Leora Levy quickly gaining ground. Republican State Chairman Ben Proto released this statement on the welcome news:


“Republicans have the momentum heading into November.As we move closer to Election Day, the Governor’s race is tightening as voters  compare Ned Lamont’s abject failures against Bob Stefanowski’s clear vision for CT, and we are also looking to make history in the Fifth District by electing Connecticut’s first Hispanic Congressman in George Logan.”


“As a result, we are seeing unaffiliated voters and many Democrats moving toward Republicans. The reason for this is simple: they know that Ned Lamont, Dick Blumenthal, Jahana Hayes, Joe Biden, and Connecticut Democrats have driven Connecticut off the fiscal cliff, have brought us $6.00/gallon home heating oil, rising grocery bills, and increased fuel costs while doing nothing about the soaring violent crime we are seeing infest our cities and towns. It doesn’t matter their party affiliation. They are tired, scared, and worried about their family’s future. Connecticut voters want change, they want to restore common sense Connecticut values, and they want to know that our government leaders have a plan — they know that plan comes from Republicans, and they are ready for the positive change Republicans will bring to Connecticut.”


Proto closed his statement with a direct appeal to Connecticut voters: “If you want to change Connecticut,  you’ve got to get out and vote! We can’t save our state without a lot of common sense Independent and Democrat votes- so come vote Republican and together we can bring about the change Connecticut desperately needs. November 8th! That’s the only poll that matters.”