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Remember When Connecticut Democrats Actually Called Concerned Parents Monsters

We Remember at CTGOP. Happy Halloween Parents- Remember to Vote Out the Democrats Next Tuesday


As Democrats look to turn the page from their war on parents, it’s worth reminding CT parents that it was Joe Biden and Connecticut former Commissioner of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona who began the crackdown on concerned parents.  It’s also worth reminding CT Parents that it was Democrats who set their children’s education back by forcing school closures, who have been trying to mandate COVID shots for minors and students, who have tried to force regionalization of our schools.


But, in the spirit of Halloween, what Connecticut Parents really ought to remember is last Halloween when Connecicut Democrats called them monsters.

“Happy Halloween Connecticut Parents” said Chairman Ben Proto. “We know you’re not monsters- we know you care deeply about your children, their education, their future, and their well-being.  We know that our school boards and our state do best when parents have a seat at the table, and are not shut out of their children’s education.  That’s the Republican promise- with Republicans, you will always have a seat at the table.  You will always have your parental & familial rights. That’s the Republican promise to you.”