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CT Republicans Appalled At Lamont’s Order for Nursing Homes to Accept Covid-Positive Admissions from Hospitals

SOUTHINGTON – Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto shared the following statement in reaction to Governor Lamont’s directive to Connecticut nursing homes to receive Covid-19 patients.


“This feels like a very dark version of Groundhog Day. How could this be the best possible course of action when we are managing the Omicron variant and know that it is the most contagious strain we have seen yet? There is absolutely no way you can convince me that we should send the most infectious people into the same facilities who house our aging mothers, fathers and friends.


“On one hand you have hospitals suspending visitation to their facilities – where those who deem themselves ‘healthy’ enough can choose to visit their loved ones – as a precaution for patients and staff, but on the other you have Governor Lamont sending known infected patients to coexist with those most at-risk. I just don’t get it. Nursing homes and long term care facilities alike were decimated with the initial onset of the pandemic. This is like pouring gasoline on a fire. In the end, everyone will be burnt.”