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From the Desk of Chairman Ben Proto

Hi There,


As Joe Courtney and Jahana Hayes head back to Washington, D.C., Connecticut families are left to ask: how much will this week cost us? Given the horrible track record of Joe Biden and this extreme Congress, one can assume the answer is “a lot.”


Democrats’ far-left policies have driven Connecticut into the ground, failed families throughout the pandemic, and now are driving up prices while unemployment remains high.


According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal consumption expenditures (PCE) in 2021 rose 5.7% from 2020, the largest spike in nearly 40 years, which consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in 39 years and producer prices rose at the fastest pace on record.


All the while, under Democrats’ failed agenda, Connecticut’s most recent unemployment rate stood at a whopping 6% with 43 states having an equal or lower rate than Connecticut.


The cost of Democrats’ policies has been astronomical and Connecticut families are left paying the price.


As Representatives Courtney and Hayes return to Congress this week, here are two
questions voters deserve answers on:


  • Why have you supported policies that created skyrocketing inflation that has surged
    prices and crushed small businesses?
  • Will you remain in lockstep with Joe Biden’s failed agenda that is killing jobs and causing
    a worker shortage?


We’ll see what their return to D.C. means for us back here in CT,





Ben Proto,

Connecticut Republican Chairman