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CT Senate Shifts from “Likely” to “Lean” Democrat: Republicans are Gaining Ground in Connecticut

This week it was reported that Real Clear Politics moved their rating of the U.S. Senate Race in Connecticut from “Likely Democrat” to “Lean Democrat.” This comes on the heels of strong polling for Republican Senate Nominee Leora Levy and Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Bob Stefanowski, and following political rating changes in CT-05 from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss-Up” and of CT-02 from “Likely Democrat” to “Lean Democrat.”


“Republicans have the momentum,” said State Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “Voters are disappointed and angry with the failures of One-Party, Democrat control in Washington and Hartford. Our 401ks are down, while our grocery and fuel bills are up. Our wages are stagnant. Democrats like Joe Biden, Dick Blumenthal and Ned Lamont have failed hard working families, seniors, and small businesses. It’s not just the economy they’re failing us on though; it’s foreign policyin Afghanistan and Ukraine and at our own southern border – where fentanyl is flowing in uncontrollably and killing Americans every day. The world at large and our communities at home have become less safe under Joe, Dick and Ned.


“Connecticut can’t afford another day, let alone four more years, of failure. That’s why it’s so important to get out and vote Republican this November- we can only win and fix this mess if every Republican and commonsense Independent and Democrat gets out and votes for the GOP team,” concluded Proto.