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State Senators Gary Winfield and Jan Hochadel state their commitment to the Connecticut Communist Party and its Values


MIDDLETOWN, Conn. – The Republican Party of Connecticut shares its congratulations with State Senator and Chief Deputy Majority Leader Gary Winfield (D-New Haven), who recently attended and enthusiastically accepted the 2023 Amistad Award from Connecticut’s Communist Party. Senator Winfield – who claims to be a Democrat – received the award for epitomizing Communist Party values.


“The Connecticut Republican Party congratulates Senator Winfield on his achievement as a top communist in Connecticut and for exemplifying the values of the Connecticut Communist Party’s Amistad Award,’” said Ben Proto, Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party. “As he emotionally accepted the award, which was presented to Senator Winfield by State Senator Jan Hochadel (D-Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield & Middletown), he forcefully reassured the audience about his enthusiasm to be at the Communist Party event. Connecticut Senate Democrats have a long history of supporting and championing the values and principles of the Connecticut Communist Party, which includes Senator Hochadel, who was the 2020 recipient of the Amistad Award. Senators Hochadel and Winfield made it very clear – their values, along with the Connecticut Democrat Party’s, are completely in line with the Connecticut Communist Party’s values, and they wear it like a badge of honor and pride,” Proto continued.


Upon receiving the Connecticut Communist Party’s top award, Senator Winfield stated, “Let me start off with the thing I really don’t want to forget. And I think it’s important because I’m in politics, after this is over, I’m not going to forget that I came here (to the Communist Party) and that there is an association with the communist party. I’m not going to act like I don’t know who I was in the room with. Because I know who I was in this room with, and I’m happy to be here.”


It seems quite on-brand for Connecticut Democrats, who have continuously pushed extremist left-wing agendas in Connecticut, to start openly embracing communist values. Back in 2021, United States Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) happily attended the same event, though he later tried to distance himself when questioned about his alarming association with communists. At the time, Chairman Proto remarked, “You either believe in the cause you’re there for or you don’t. If you’re showing up, then you’ve got to have some inkling and leaning to that position.”


“Today, Connecticut Democrats don’t even bother downplaying their ties to the Communist Party. Instead, members like Senator Winfield and Senator Hochadel speak openly, glowingly, and in full agreement and acceptance of the Communist Party values,” concluded Proto.