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The Colorado Supreme Court decision to exclude Donald Trump from the ballot is not only un-American but violates the very core principles of our Representative Democracy


(Middletown, CT) Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, Ben Proto issued the following statement in response to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to exclude Donald Trump from the Colorado primary and general election ballot:


“This decision is a direct assault on and to our Constitution and removes the most fundamental right we, as Americans, have – our right to vote and to determine who will represent us in government.”


“The Colorado Supreme Court has determined, without a trial, a finding of fact or, most importantly, due process, that Donald Trump has engaged in conduct contrary to the provisions of Section 3 of Article 14. This is a complete bastardization of our Constitution. Each of us has the right of due process and the presumption of innocence, however, seven justices of the Colorado Supreme Court, all appointed by Democrats, have seen fit to turn our Constitution on its head and put their political leanings ahead of those of the voters of Colorado and our country.”


“Whether or not you like Trump, whether you agree with his politics or policies or not, this is a very dangerous and slippery slope that the Justices of the Colorado Supreme Court are taking, not only impacting Colorado, but our entire country. I have far more faith in the voters in America than I do in politically appointed judges to decide who should represent us. It is my hope that the United States Supreme Court will take this matter up quickly and finally end this charade of trying to use the Constitution to stifle the will of voters.”


“As I have said previously, Democrats are trying their best to disqualify a Republican candidate for President because their party is in free fall over Joe Biden’s failed presidency. They well understand that Americans have decided that their policies are a failure and that it is time for new leadership. Whether it is Donald Trump, or another candidate of the voter’s choosing, the right to vote for that candidate is sacred in America. No one, particularly not a partisan election official or a Judge should ever attempt to take that right from the American voter.”



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