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FACT CHECK: Lamont’s Track Record

This past Tuesday was a sad day for Caroline Simmons, the first-term mayor of one of Connecticut’s largest cities. Mayor Simmons has been reduced to a Lamont apologist, daining to bail out four years of failure and re-characterizing them as “leadership.”


Mayor Simmons, can you explain exactly which actions you would deem as “steady leadership” or done with “integrity?”


Here is the Lamont track record to consider:


“Mayor Simmons should perhaps return her attention to the numbers of homeless residents in her city due to the failures of the engineering of the Allure Terrace or even to the independent and unaffiliated voters who carried her over the line in the belief that she was above partisan games. Mayor Simmons’ comments are paltry indicators of her hopes to get Stamford as much municipal aid money through brown-nosing and baloney,” said Connecticut Republican State Party Chairman, Ben Proto.


“The time has come to stop spinning the dismal policies and actions of the Lamont Administration as ‘leadership’ or associating the word ‘integrity’ with Governor Lamont and Connecticut Democrats. There will be no photo of Ned Lamont next to those words in the dictionary” concluded Proto.