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Jahana Hayes is in Congress to Get Hers, Not Serve Us

Representative Jahana Hayes has been called out for paying family with campaign funds, but that was not enough to get her to stop. According to recent filings, Hayes has continued her pattern of personal enrichment with campaign dollars.


“Rep. Hayes clearly thinks she is above voters’ expectations for elected officials to uphold ethical standards.  Do voters want a Far-Left Democrat, who has cozied up to AOC, bragged about shutting down American Energy , pays her own family out of her campaign funds and now has stooped to even paying herself through donor dollars? In November, the inconvenient answer for Hayes will be pretty clear.  It’s time for new, trustworthy, and transparent Republican leadership in the 5th Congressional District. We need someone who will focus more on delivering results for constituents than themselves,” said Connecticut State Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto.