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Hayes Votes Against Our Troops – and for the Taliban

Last week, Rep. Jahana Hayes (CT-05) voted AGAINST the National Defense Authorization Act. By voting against the NDAA, Hayes voted against:

  • Funding for the United States military
  • Pay raises for our troops
  • Protecting parental rights
  • Ending wokeness in our military


Hayes not only did a disservice to the brave men and women of our armed forces but to her constituents in Connecticut.


To make matters worse, Hayes voted in favor of allowing taxpayer dollars to be used by the Taliban. This is the same radical Islamic group that commits war crimes and public execution, which Joe Biden allowed to take over Afghanistan. It seems that Hayes is following the Biden administration’s lead by working to make our world less safe.


“Jahana Hayes is following an extreme and dangerous agenda led by the fringe elements of her party that is entirely out of touch with the American people. She needs to answer for why she is willing to put our national security risk for her woke agenda,” said NRCC Spokeswoman Savannah Viar.