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Jahana Hayes SILENT on Democrat Antisemitism

This past weekend, Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal called Israel a “racist state” at a far-left conference. Far-left Democrat Ilhan Omar has also said that there is “no way in hell” she would attend the President of Israel’s speech in Congress. Other radical Democrats, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, agreed with her. Jahana Hayes has notably remained SILENT on these comments from her fellow House Democrats.

Then, other House Democrats signed a letter denouncing Rep. Jayapal’s antisemitic comments. But guess who’s name is missing? Jahana Hayes.


“Jahana Hayes’s silence is deafening. Her refusal to stand up to antisemitism is unfair to Connecticut voters wondering where she really stands on this issue,” said NRCC Spokeswoman Savannah Viar.


Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized the antisemitism from the far-left. Why does Jahana Hayes refuse to do the same?