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Legislative Democrat Lunacy Continues in Hartford

CT Democrats Spend the Week Proposing Reparations, higher Landlord Taxes, & Encouraging Homelessness


By this point in the legislative session it has become clear that Connecticut Democrats are hyper-focused on trying to pass ridiculous, partisan, far-left legislation that solves nothing but makes Connecticut even more unaffordable.

This week’s insane proposals even included reparations-yes, you read that right; Connecticut Democrats are proposing a racially based direct transfer of wealth, similar to what Democrats did in San Francisco, that would bankrupt Connecticut and drive taxes to outrageously high levels.


In addition to this impractical and racially offensive proposal, Democrats also proposed bills that would prohibit municipalities from discouraging vagrancy, as well as legislation putting a landlord tax in place- putting property owners on the hook for any funding the state might not return to towns based on car tax revenue.


“You start to run out of words to describe just how out-of-touch, how utterly insane and idiotic these proposals are” said State Republican Chairman Ben Proto, “Reparations?! Clearly Connecticut Democrats have no grasp of the economic woes they have placed upon Connecticut residents.  Bills banning armrests on benches so vagrants can sleep on them easier?  These are things the average person would think were a joke- but they’re real proposals from Democrats in Hartford.  They are not a serious party, they do not know how to govern, they are not beginning to address any of the very real issues the people of Connecticut are facing.  Crime, economic stagnation, inflation, out of control taxes; these are the real issues Connecticut residents are facing, and these are the issues Connecticut Republicans in Hartford are working to address; unfortunately, the Democrat majority continues to live in a progressive fantasy world, a world where Democrat run government controls every aspect of our lives, and takes away any meaning choice any of has to manage and live our lives” continued Proto.


“Voters should take note of the lack of seriousness with which Democrats approach governing this state.  It is time for adult supervision at the Capital, unfortunately Governor Lamont is lacking in that leadership quality as well. The need for change in leadership, the need for a better government, the need for a better, more affordable Connecticut has never been clearer” concluded Proto.


NOTE: Voters can voice opposition to these proposals to House Democrats at 860-240-8585 or by emailing Speaker Matthew Ritter directly at [email protected] & to Senate Democrats at 860-240-8600 or emailing [email protected].gov.