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Connecticut Democrats Continue to Threaten the Integrity of Connecticut’s Democratic Vote

Dems Want Mandatory Voting, Except for Political Foes They Disagree With


Democrats in Hartford have been focused on attacking the fundamental norms of our elections and democratic system:


Already, CT Dems have proposed allowing Non-Citizen Voting and Incarcerated Felons Voting.

If that wasn’t enough, now they’re going as far as proposing mandatory voting.


Meanwhile, without sensing the irony, Democrats are simultaneously trying to set a dangerous precedent of removing voting rights from political activists they disagree with.


“Connecticut citizens, like all Americans, believe fundamental things about our elections; they believe elections should be secured by Voter ID, they believe only United States Citizens should vote in United States Elections, they believe that voting is a right guaranteed to every citizen, but also a freedom that one can choose not to exercise. They certainly believe the right to vote should not be taken away from political opponents of the majority party.” Said State Republican Chairman Ben Proto


“That’s also what the Republican Party believes.  But, unfortunately, it’s not what Connecticut Democrats believe– that’s the problem and the disconnect.  We will fight all of their radical proposals that will undermine the integrity of our elections at every front. In the meantime, one has to hope that some common sense Democrats will join us in opposition to these offensive proposals.”


“The Democrats are showing they don’t believe in the sanctity of our Constitution, and the rights secured by that glorious document to all citizens of the United States.” Proto concluded; “The Democrats are trying circumvent the Constitutional protection of every citizen’s right to vote, which begs the question; “which of our rights will they be coming after next?’.”




NOTE: Voters can voice opposition to these proposals to House Democrats at 860-240-8585 or by emailing Speaker Matthew Ritter directly at [email protected] & to Senate Democrats at 860-240-8600 or emailing [email protected].gov.