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U.S. Senator Blumenthal Flip Flops on the Filibuster

Last week, Connecticut watched Senator Richard Blumenthal not only cave to the radical left, but completely reversed course on his own outspoken stance on nuking the filibuster.


In 2017, Blumenthal went so far as to say, “it is our right under the rules to filibuster.”


Fast forward to last week when Blumenthal fully abandoned his position and joined the most
extreme members of the Democrat Party to end the filibuster. How many other positions will
Blumenthal flip-flop on for political expediency? How can he be trusted to deliver on any
promise he makes now?


As Senate Democrats face a bumpy road ahead, one thing can be sure: Blumenthal cannot be trusted to keep his word to voters.


“Just as Senator Richard Blumenthal so blatantly turned his back on the filibuster, Connecticut workers and families can trust he will turn his back on them, too. If he was willing to give up something so easily that he once considered a ‘right,’ how many other positions will he exchange for political power? Blumenthal has shown where his interests lie – and they’re not with the people of Connecticut.” – Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto


Question for CT Media to pose to Senator Blumenthal: Will you still support eliminating the
filibuster once Republicans are in control of the Senate?