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UConn Bleeds Green – Tens of Millions Owed

Amid bombshell news that UConn Athletics is operating at a $50 Million dollar loss, it was recently announced that the University has been ordered to pay a staggering $11 Million to former UConn Men’s Basketball Coach and Player Kevin Ollie.


The administrators and trustees put in place by Democrat Governors Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy are costing taxpayers and students.


“UConn has long been the crowning gem of our state’s higher education system but mismanagement by Democrat political appointees is putting that in jeopardy,” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “Students and taxpayers deserve an administration that follows proper procedure in hiring, firing and all other human resources matters, whether it’s the Men’s Basketball Head Coach or a work-study job. This is another debacle like the financial mismanagement we have seen at the Connecticut Port Authority, where gubernatorial appointees can’t follow proper procedure even when dealing with one of their highest profile employees. This embarrassment clearly highlights that changes need to be made.”


“Connecticut is losing under one-party Democrat rule. We are plagued by mismanagement, and there is a total absence of accountability. That’s what we’re calling for here: transparency and accountability. Are those responsible fired or resigned from trustee positions? Why wasn’t proper Human Resources procedure followed? Ultimately, Lamont and Malloy are responsible for this. It happened under their watch, it was done by their people, and now it’s the taxpayers and tuition-payers who will pay the price,” Proto concluded.