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Look Out! CT Democrats Still Pursuing Gas Car Ban…

In late November of 2023, just four months after unveiling his plan to adopt California’s radical electric vehicle mandate, Ned Lamont was forced to withdraw it after bipartisan opposition led by Connecticut Republicans. But with the new year upon us, Connecticut Democrats are pushing forward with their plan to ban gas cars.


CT Mirror reports that Speaker of the House Matt Ritter, D-Hartford, said the state legislature would look to pass a new bill during the 2024 legislative session, which begins on February 7th.


Ritter also discussed the possibility of Connecticut adopting EV mandates out of New Mexico and Colorado. He seems to believe that these pieces of legislation are more palatable because they include “a commitment to assess progress toward establishing the necessary infrastructure prior to 2035.”


Newsflash to Rep. Ritter and Connecticut Democrats: CT residents overwhelmingly reject their plans to ban gas cars.


December poll by RG Strategies showed that more than half of registered voters in the state oppose the ban while 69% believe a state ban on gas cars would hurt low-income families most.