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Connecticut Democrats’ Left-Wing Craziness Shows at State House

Connecticut Democrats’ Left-Wing Craziness Shows at State House


Democrats Propose a Constitutional Amendment to Allow “Undocumented” Immigrants the Right to Vote and a bill Removing Parental Consent/Notification for COVID Shots


Connecticut Democrats continue to prove that they are out of touch with Connecticut and are moving further and further left at a faster and faster pace.


Just this week, Democrats in Hartford proposed a Constitutional Amendment that would give voting rights to non-citizens and a bill to remove a parent’s right to be notified and consent to their 12 year old child receiving a COVID shot. (Democrats also proposed a bill that would remove fitness requirements for female firefighters.)


“The Democrats don’t care about the rights of citizens to elect their own government without foreign interference, nor do they care about the rights of parents to make personal medical decisions for their own children”, said State Republican Chairman Ben Proto. “They are saying the quiet part of their Radical-Left agenda out loud. Democrats want to give more rights to illegal immigrants & non-citizens while taking away the rights of citizens and parents.  They want to erode our families and our democratic system.”


“These are radical, absurd, and offensive bills. The Connecticut Republican Party and our membership will fight these proposals tooth and nail; in the State House first, and if necessary, in Court should CT Democrats pass, and Governor Lamont sign these bills. 


It is time for all Connecticut citizens, who still value the rights of citizenship, regardless of party, to speak up and tell their legislators to “Vote No!” on these dangerous proposals.  We, the People, need to stand up and protect our rights” concluded Proto.



NOTE: Voters can voice opposition to these proposals to House Democrats at 860-240-8585 or by emailing Speaker Matthew Ritter directly at [email protected] & to Senate Democrats at 860-240-8600 or emailing [email protected].gov.