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Connecticut Democrats Stay Out-of-Touch & Crazy This Week at the Capitol

Connecticut Democrats Stay Out-of-Touch & Crazy This Week at the Capitol
Propose Replacement of Gas Stoves, an Army of Tax Agents, & 16 Year Olds Voting

After proposing non-citizen voting, felons voting, and removing parental notification for COVID shots for children last week, Connecticut Democrats didn’t miss a beat marching down the same radical path at the State Capitol this week:


With a new round of out-of-touch, left wing proposals that do nothing to help Connecticut’s residents, Democrats in Hartford followed the failed agenda of the Biden Administration & the Far-Left in Washington, proposing; a costly & ridiculous Replacement of Gas Stoves, a burdensome & intrusive Army of State Tax Agents, and bringing back a perennial proposal to allow 16 year olds to vote.


“Democrats completely lost sight of what average Connecticut voters are looking for. Voters are looking for tax relief, relief from inflation and our high cost of living- not the ridiculously partisan, woke bills we’ve seen from Democrats in Hartford this month.” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto.


“They’re are are easing the gas tax back into effect, slamming our business community with the new highway use tax, and at the same time they are proposing these demeaning bills which do nothing to address the actual problems residents are facing.”


“We’ve clearly got a fight ahead of us, and hopefully some common-sense Democrats will join us in speaking out against these proposals which will do nothing but continue to raise Connecticut’s citizens cost of living, and undermine our faith in the State Government.”



NOTE: Voters can voice opposition to these proposals to House Democrats at 860-240-8585 or by emailing Speaker Matthew Ritter directly at [email protected] & to Senate Democrats at 860-240-8600 or emailing [email protected].gov.