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CT House Republicans Release GOP’s Contract With Connecticut

Today, Connecticut’s Republican State House leaders released their Contract with Connecticut. This plan will:


  • Support Law Enforcement and punish criminals
  • Ensure Parents are the Primary decision makers in their children’s lives
  • Ensure that Connecticut government at all levels is Transparent, Accessible, and Accountable
  • Respect Local Government Control


In concert with House Republicans, Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin released their detailed economic plan titled CT First, which cuts two billion dollars in middle-class taxes, making Connecticut more affordable, which is a stark contrast with the two billion dollars in new taxes that Connecticut Democrats and Ned Lamont administration imposed upon Connecticut families.


“I couldn’t sum it up better than our candidates,” said State Republican Chairman Ben Proto. Republicans are running on making Connecticut more affordable and safer,  protecting parents and local control, and fighting for good government.  Not only are these the priorities of the Republican Party, but, more importantly, these are the priorities of the people of Connecticut. When you elect Republicans this November, these are the things we will deliver,” State Republican Chairman Ben Proto said. “We’re telling you straight on what we’re running to get done – Republicans are running to make Connecticut State Government work for you.”