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Ned Lamont and CT Democrats have Destroyed Connecticut’s Economy

Last week’s quarterly economic numbers for Connecticut were atrocious.

Personal Income Growth in Connecticut trailed the national average by more than half. Our gross domestic product shrank 4.8%.  

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there. Connecticut still has not recovered the jobs we lost in 2008. The sad fact is that Connecticut is the only state in the nation that has failed this badly. If that wasn’t bad enough, the early outlook on CT’s 2023 revenue figures is bleak:

“Governor Ned Lamont is gaslighting voters when he claims to have turned around Connecticut’s economy. The numbers show his narrative to be completely false, but he has nothing else to run on. Connecticut’s economy is the worst in the nation, and the blame lies squarely on Lamont and Connecticut Democrats,” said Chairman Proto.

“Unfortunately, Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrats have destroyed the hopes and dreams of those who had hoped to retire in the next few years, pay for their children’s education and, most importantly, live a happy life in Connecticut,” concluded Proto.