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CT Republicans Have a Plan to Balance the Budget & Cut Taxes

Republicans Offer First Balanced Budget Since 2017, Historic Tax Cuts


Connecticut Republicans are working overtime to fight for a balanced budget and lower taxes. In consecutive weeks, CT House Republicans & Senate Republicans rolled out common-sense budgets which deliver historic tax cuts to Connecticut residents.


“With the inflation and cost-of-living increases that residents have suffered through during Democrat rule in Connecticut and the failed economic policies of the Biden-Harris administration, these Republican budget and tax relief proposals come at a time when they are most needed. Connecticut’s residents need tax relief, and the State Government must make responsible budgeting decisions to ensure that tax relief remain.” said State Republican Chairman Ben Proto, “Connecticut Republicans in both the House and Senate deserve our praise and thanks for putting these proposals forward. We urge the Governor, who has discussed tax cuts and proper budgeting himself, to help shepherd these common-sense fiscal proposals through the Legislature and into law. We urge bipartisan support for these budgets for the good of the people of the great state of Connecticut”