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CTGOP Releases Ad Campaign Calling Out Jahana Hayes’s Record

Today, the CTGOP released a new advertisement calling out Jahana Hayes for her socialist endorsements and far-left voting record. The advertisement can be viewed here.


“Jahana Hayes is too radical for Connecticut, and far too radical for the Fifth District. Hayes, who voted to defund our police, voted to federally mandate unrestricted, late-term abortion, and voted to raise taxes and inflation. Hayes and the Democrats have driven fuel & utility prices through the roof by standing in the way of American energy independence… She has no plan to fix any of the problems her, Biden & Pelosi have created.” said Republican State Chairman Ben Proto, “It should come as no surprise that Jahana Hayes is touting Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi as her closest allies and biggest supporters; she stands in lockstep with their far-left agenda. She even doubled down this week on her comments that ‘Democrats saved the economy.’ Everyone knows that’s not true. They’ve destroyed the economy. Hayes has been a rubber stamp for the failed Democrat agenda. ”


“Hayes’ voting record really speaks for itself.” concluded Proto “She has voted 100% of the time with the Biden-Harris-Pelosi agenda of high inflation and soaring crime, and we will continue highlighting that fact for voters in Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District.”