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CTGOP Releases New Ad, “Mojo”

Who exactly got their “Mojo” back, Ned?


The Connecticut Republican Party released its final ad of the Governor’s race this week, calling out Ned Lamont’s perpetual fib that under his leadership, “Connecticut is getting its ‘mojo’ back”.


The advertisement can be viewed here:


“Ned’s claim to have turned the state around is absurd on its face. We still haven’t recovered 2008 job numbers. Our GDP is contracting,, not growing. Our wage growth is stagnant, worst in the nation. Connecticut is consistently ranked among the worst states to retire or do business in,” said State Chairman Ben Proto.


“Ned got his mojo back, for sure, to the tune of $54,000,000 in income, but he’s the only one. The rest of us got nothing but new taxes, more crime, higher inflation and lower 401ks. No mojo in sight.”