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Jahana Hayes Doubles Down on ‘Democrats Saving the Economy’

CT GOP Releases Final Ad Calling Hayes Out


In case you missed it, in the last of her two debates with George Logan (she dodged the others), Jahana Hayes doubled down on her absurd claim that “Democrats saved the economy”

In response, the Connecticut Republican Party released the following digital advertisement:


“Democrats Saved the Economy”


“Democrats didn’t save the economy, they’ve destroyed it.The Biden-Pelosi-Harris administration Jahana has closely aligned herself with is destroying the country. Meanwhile, Hayes is so out-of-touch she actually thinks the Democrats have done a good job. If she spent more time talking to real people, she would know that Connecticut voters simply can’t afford Hayes’ $6/gallon home heating oil, rising grocery and gas prices, nor the most expensive energy costs in America. Nobody thinks Democrats have ‘saved’ the economy! Not even Democrats!” said Republican State Chairman Ben Proto.


On Tuesday, voters in Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District will have a choice: A Common-Sense, Results-Driven Republican in George Logan, or a Far-Left, AOC Squad Member and Pelosi-Ally in Jahana Hayes. All we’re doing is calling out her record for what it is, asking voters to listen and make the rational, moderate choice in voting for George Logan. Jahana Hayes and one-party Democrat rule have failed the United States and failed Connecticut, it’s time for real leadership in Washington, it’s time for a change, it’s time for George Logan.” concluded Proto.