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State Department of Education Employees Edit Website, Remove References to Gender Identification Studies


The Connecticut Department of Education edited its website following the Tuesday night debate in which Governor Ned Lamont said Gender Identity was not being taught in Connecticut schools. The problem was, the State Department of Education was touting on its website that the complete opposite was taking place in Connecticut schools.


“Governor Lamont once again either doesn’t know what’s going on in his administration or flat out lied about what is happening; he can choose guilty or dumb” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “On Tuesday night, at the debate hosted by CCM, Governor Lamont was unequivocal in his position that gender identity was not being taught in Connecticut schools, unfortunately, no one ever told the State Department of Education. Their website, until just after the debate, clearly stated that gender identity was being taught, and the Department had a curriculum available for Connecticut schools.”


“It’s bad enough that Governor Lamont is unwilling to be truthful with the voters of Connecticut, but to have taxpayer funded employees, who should not be engaging in political shenanigans, attempt to change public information to protect the Governor’s re-election efforts is beyond outrageous. These employees should be held accountable for these political actions and the Commissioner of Education should immediately issue a statement to the public as to what the policy is and why the information was removed from the website following the Governor’s debate comments” said Proto.


“Parents have a right to know what is being taught and how it is being taught and to whom it is being taught. It continues to amaze parents, grandparents, and guardians across Connecticut that Ned Lamont and the Democrats think they know better how to raise other people’s kids” said Proto.


On Tuesday voters of Connecticut can change Connecticut, they can give power back to parents and again become the primary stakeholders in their children’s lives” concluded Proto.