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Lamont Has A Case Of The Biden

This week, Governor Ned Lamont and Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced their decision to hire a $150,000 a year taxpayer funded partisan, political hack to spot so-called “election misinformation”.


According to Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto, this is further evidence of Governor Lamont and the CT Democrats handing out plum political jobs to help buy votes and further infringe on the rights of the people of Connecticut.


“Joe Biden, Ned Lamont, and Democrats have one mission here: silencing any dissenters under the guise of combating ‘misinformation.’ Their hyper-partisan plan is designed to further infringe on voters’ First Amendment rights and is an attempt to control the political discussion, silencing those who disagree with them,” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “Who determines what is ‘misinformation’ and how exactly will they silence the speaker? Who will determine who will be hired, will this be an open application process or has a local Democrat in need of a job already been chosen?”


“Governor Lamont’s strategy is pretty dystopian,” said Proto. “Sadly, this stunt is typical of Connecticut Democrats, who use their time in Hartford to champion and impose on voters the most radical and extreme measures. President Biden learned the hard way on this and it looks like Governor Lamont and Connecticut Democrats are destined to do the same. While they remain dead-set on skirting accountability for one-party rule, voters are taking note. This is another example of Democrat overreach and why it’s critical that we end the state’s one-party rule this November. As I have said, voters have a choice, change the people making these bad decisions or continue to embody the definition of insanity.”