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Jahana Hayes Sees Nothing Wrong With Using Campaign Funds to Pay Her Children

In a Fox61 interview on August 14th, Rep. Jahana Hayes (CT-05) was finally pressed on her decision to pay her children thousands of dollars while in office using campaign funds. Hayes was asked if she could explain what her children do for her campaign and if she was worried about the perception of nepotism by reporter Matt Caron. Here is what she had to say: 


“Well it’s not illegal and I’m not worried about the perception of nepotism.” 

“It’s not something that I’m worried about.” 


These responses should tell us all we need to know about her. Rep. Hayes does not care about the real concerns of voters about the use of her campaign funds. Even after the news broke about the campaign spending in February of this year, Hayes continued to pay her children. Totals of FEC records show that Hayes has paid her children tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. 


Voters in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District have a chance to reject personal enrichment by Rep. Jahana Hayes. George Logan, the Republican looking to defeat Hayes, made his stance on this issue clear: 


“Jahana Hayes was elected to Congress to serve the residents of Connecticut, not enrich herself and her family,” Logan said in a statement. “The Fifth District deserves a representative who puts people above profit.”