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Lamont and Bysiewicz Accept Socialist Endorsement from Radical WFP

“Ned Lamont and the Democrats now openly say what they once only said behind closed doors — that they believe in Socialism, they think our police officers are the enemy and that success should be beaten down and the government should control as much of our lives as possible” said Republican State Chairman Ben Proto. “Ned Lamont and the Democrats of yesteryear (for example, Ned Lamont who was defeated by reasonable, former Democrat- turned-Independent Joe Lieberman) would have publicly disavowed socialism while quietly accepting support behind the scenes, but the new and not so improved Ned Lamont and Democrats today are open about their connection to a radical ideology that has destroyed dozens of nations and the lives of millions in the past century” continued Proto.



“Pretty TV ads and made for TV press conferences can’t hide who Ned Lamont and the Connecticut Democrats really are : they are socialists and communists (US Senator Dick Blumenthal openly supported and congratulated the Connecticut Communist Party for all they have done for Connecticut). They want to raise your taxes and take away your hard earned wealth. They want to crush private enterprises, the family structure, and the middle-class as we know it. That’s the quiet part they’re saying out loud. So on behalf of the Republican Party, we’re asking you to listen and tell your friends: ‘Vote out the Socialist Democrats in Hartford and DC this fall. You’ve seen the results of having them in power-just look at your bank account.'”