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Lamont and CT Dems Misuse COVID Relief Dollars

From the Desk of Chairman Proto:

Ned Lamont & CT Dems Fail to Help Actual Businesses Hurt by COVID, Instead Opt for Woke State-Run Venture Capital Firm with “Relief” Dollars


This week, Governor Ned Lamont together with CT’s Federal Democrats, announced that the Biden administration approved Connecticut’s request to move ARPA money intended by Congress to help “socially and economically disadvantaged” businesses hit by the pandemic. Instead, Connecticut chose to place it in a venture capital hedge fund run by the state. These dollars were intended to aid businesses and employees who had to shudder doors during Lamont’s draconian reign.


Governor’s Lamont’s statement that ‘This use of ARPA funds will spur small business growth and green energy through major investments in entrepreneurship. These vital investments will create thousands of new jobs and will work to make Connecticut more equitable and sustainable. Our delegation is proud to have fought to bring these funds back to Connecticut.’ “shows a complete lack of understanding of the pain he and the Democrats imposed on mom and pop businesses and the people who work for them,” said State Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto.


“These dollars were intended to alleviate the burden of the pandemic on small and struggling businesses. It should be going to help the existing businesses that struggled through King Ned’s reign: the restaurants that were forced to close, the dry cleaners, and the daycares, not woke pet projects that Ned Lamont and his Democrat cohorts think up. Lamont and Connecticut Democrats can’t even get our unemployment system working; apparently that’s because they are too busy soaking up federal dollars to give to their woke friends rather than focusing on helping those in need. Sadly, this is further proof that Ned Lamont and Democrats could not care less about the economic hardships people are facing. Connecticut is waking up to the fact that Ned Lamont’s woke policies simply don’t help Connecticut” concluded Proto.